Below you can find some testimonial submitted by
girls who attended my workshops in the past

My experience with Inner Shine For Girls, was nothing but spectacular. It allowed me to discover and learn to be myself, and love myself for who I am, whilst being able to have fun in the midst of it. The program completely changed who I was, having a different outlook on things and found myself being even more positive than I once had. Inner Shine For Girls was an amazing experience, it really opened my eyes into learning how to just be you!

Jasmine Allan- Age 17 , Rosebud
Inner Shine For Girls was an amazing experience that shaped me to be who I am today. I was quite confident before my experience but at the same time I would second guess my self, kind of like the fake it till you make it saying, my confidence was an act. Tanya worked with us personally and showed us that we are worth so much more than we give ourselves credit for and that we should just be ourselves and things will work out. This really helped me through my first couple of years of high school and I still use this advice now. I am extremely grateful for this experience.

Alanah Duck,  15 years, Rosebud
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