Tanya Crockett-Stebbing

The idea of Inner Shine For Girls was ignited when Tanya was teaching girls deportment many years ago at a modelling agency. Tanya knew that there was more to a person than by the way they looked, walked and talked, she felt that self esteem and self worth was what each girl truly needed to know and understand.

She felt it was more important for these girls to be themselves, and important to embrace the
inner qualities, not just the outer qualities, so Inner Shine For Girls was created to help todays girl  enjoy being who they are and to tap into their true self..

A mother of 2 boys, Tanya is a familiar face on the Mornington Peninsula as she has worked at various local venues.

Her introduction to work on the Mornington Peninsula was her role of 8 years as Sales and Marketing Manager for the local Baillieu Vineyard, and from there on chose to experience other roles locally.

Staying True to herself, One of Tanya’s passions is to help guide children from a young age, learn and understand the importance of self worth.

Tanya holds a Diploma in Counselling and is currently studying holistic therapies at the College of Natural Energies.

She is a member of the Institute for complimentary therapists and a member of the Mental health academy, where she continues her personal development and understanding of the presenting issues that effect our youth.

The Journey

The Peninsula mum's passion stems from her own personal journey of truly understanding the importance of self worth, being true to yourself and understanding what a difference it can make to your life.                                   

“Being a girl myself and feeling stuck and unsure of who I was, and then allowing (yes I allowed it) a world full of people to tell me who I should and shouldn’t be, made me feel I wasn’t enough, but I was, and now I have every intention to help other girls embrace and understand their uniqueness.”

Inner Shine For Girls~ Because who You are is enough x
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